Jennifer Lopez is her own biggest hater

by WENN May 10th, 2019, 8:59 am


Jennifer Lopez is "constantly" pushing herself to step up her live performances by acting as her own biggest "hater".

The Get Right hitmaker, who is known as a perfectionist, is preparing to head out on her first headlining tour of North America this summer in celebration of her upcoming 50th birthday, and J.Lo admits she will be her own worst critic to ensure she puts on a performance to remember.

"Every time I do a show, I don't like to repeat myself, I like to do new things…," she explains.

"I'm constantly pushing myself to excite myself almost, because I know if I think it's exciting, then I think other people will think it's exciting too, because I can be a big hater, like, 'You are not doing it right now…'"

"I hate on myself," the superstar continues. "It's love, (but) love is hate! You have to know that about the haters! They really love you!"

Jennifer will also be taking some of her favourite acts from her TV competition show World of Dance on the road with her for the It's My Party Tour.

"I'm taking them on tour, now I have the chance…," she shares on U.S. breakfast show Today. "I wish I could take all of them, to be honest, but some of them are super busy now and super famous!

"But I'm excited, they're gonna be a big part of the show. I'm gonna incorporate them in the (main portion of the) show as well, so it'll be fun."

The It's My Party Tour kicks off in Inglewood, California on 7 June and will wrap with a three-night run in her home city of Miami, Florida at the end of July.