Horoscope: May 12-18

by Heather Zais May 10th, 2019, 1:00 am



Check deadlines to make sure things are done within allowed time frames.

Avoid aimless running around or trying to get others to participate; matters need to be handled personally.

Plan travel or a little get away after as a reward or just relax. Then, move forward on an ambitious agenda. Any success is a feeling of strength or empowerment. This makes you more attractive.

Relationship interests can be followed up as you get the green light; looks exchanged confirm this.

Practical discussion are grounding for the future. Intense research or digging has desired results.

There is luck with sudden change.

Full moon unites by Saturday.

ARIES: Rest on your laurels or reputation as you rise in status or position. Income increases is a perk.

TAURUS: Your power or influence grows over distance. Circumstances add to your comfort. Step out.

GEMINI: Brainstorm behind the scenes to see who is on your side and where you have the advantage.

CANCER: Tap into friends or officials who have the authority to help you with what you really want now.

LEO: You can be the star on any platform as you are praised or rewarded. Take time to treat yourself.

VIRGO: Your situation can be secured in diverse ways allowing you to relax about future prospects.

LIBRA: You have luck with home or property matters on any level. Advantageous arrangements help.

SCORPIO: Unite with others on the same page to push an agenda forward. Sort out pecking order.

SAGITTARIUS: Job or career gets a boost as you are seen as the expert. Income or perks increase.

CAPRICORN: Play to win. Things open up for you in various way. Take advantage of lucky breaks.

AQUARIUS: You have powerful influence behind the scenes. Private talks affect home or location.

PISCES: Continue on a tried-and-true path to carry you forward. Important associates will help out.