Horoscope: April 28-May 4

by Heather Zais April 27th, 2019, 1:00 am



Comparing notes leads to more intense brainstorming as each tries to prove their point or present their version of the facts.

Try to keep personal feelings in check as relationships could be strained. Take a time out of the limelight to rest or regroup; keep your dignity.

Sitting on secrets only works for awhile so do damage control ahead of their release; it just can’t be stopped now. Stone walling is not a good look during show and tell. A change of scenes or move would be for the better.

The new moon in Taurus shifts focus to the practical side of life:

  • Get grounded.
  • Set down roots.
  • Focus on income and security on all levels.
  • Relax.
  • Socialize.

ARIES: Your push for success is taken to the next level. Drive past those in the way or too negative.

TAURUS: You navigate obstacles or paperwork to gain more control with matters connected to others.

GEMINI: Huddle with decision makers behind the scenes. Situations have an air of tension. Review it.

CANCER: Connect with those of power or authority regarding your position or status. Watch health.

LEO: Responsibilities are up for review so adapt where you must. Private arrangements work well.

VIRGO: Count the cost before extending yourself too far out on credit. Present situations continue.

LIBRA: A lack of agreement could see you or others living in different places. It’s for the best now.

SCORPIO: Step into duties or responsibilities even if they are not the ones you wanted. You adapt.

SAGITTARIUS: Take your time with financial negotiations to get the best deal. Correct past ones.

CAPRICORN: Make choices that would affect you long term. If its time to move then organize it.

AQUARIUS: You feel lucky in relation to unfinished matters. Sit on gains and advance your plans.

PISCES: Power plays between you and associates cause a shift in relationships. Hold onto info.