Horoscope: Mar. 31-April 6

by Heather Zais March 31st, 2019, 7:00 am



Looks exchanged come across as a challenge of sorts resulting in some rug pulling between those involved.

The new moon in Aries adds militant energy to the week’s events. Forewarned is forearmed, so suit up in areas of conflict.

Words are spun to gain the upper hand or minimize the fallout. Deception buys some time, but not for long. Get ducks in a row.

Threats of exposure are played like a chess game; some are just bluffing.

It would be prudent to do this in private to save face or avoid lawsuits; facts or evidence will count.

The impact or information classed as news is wearing thin.

Strength is in the truth; meet in the middle.

ARIES: Step forward from behind the scenes to take your rightful place. Others have been waiting.

TAURUS: Harness your energy to be used in areas of need. Explain things carefully or pull strings.

GEMINI: Information can startle or surprise requiring careful handling. Share on need to know basis.

CANCER: You go underground with a power play. Contact those near or far who can help with this.

LEO: You come across information that would be a benefit financially or in areas of investments, etc.

VIRGO: Personal relationships deepen as comforting words are exchanged. Plan for togetherness.

LIBRA: You shoulder more responsibility and others show you their appreciation in tangible ways.

SCORPIO: Take a time out from duties for a little rest and relaxation. Relationships need care and attention.

SAGITTARIUS: Wheel and deal to advantage. Look after improvements or arrangements now.

CAPRICORN: Others look to you for guidance or instructions. They appreciate you handling this.

AQUARIUS: You feel like a winner now. Gains come easily and could have some past connection.

PISCES: You charm the birds out of the trees. New or renewed sources of income are available.