Mark Wahlberg invests in top Australian fitness company

by WENN March 19th, 2019, 9:00 am


Superfit movie star Mark Wahlberg has invested in a top Australian gym chain.

The 47-year-old entrepreneur, who also owns car dealerships and a stake in a bottled water company, has bought a minority stake in F45 Training via his company, the Mark Wahlberg Investment Group.

The fitness franchise launched in Sydney in 2012.

"The founders of F45 have done an incredible job building a global brand and with this partnership we hope to continue disrupting the fitness industry," Mark says in a statement. "The strength of F45 is that people of all fitness levels will find motivation and support in an F45 studio."

F45, which refers to the 45 minute high-intensity, circuit training workout class that studio members undertake, has become the fastest growing fitness franchise in the world.

The actor's intense workout schedules, which often begin hours before dawn, have turned him into a fitness guru to the stars, who often come to him for advice and guidance.

He revolutionized his Instant Family co-star Octavia Spencer's workout schedule and gave her a new passion for the gym during a 4am fitness session.

The Oscar winner told the action man she wanted to be in better shape and he invited her to join him at his home gym for a pre-dawn shape-up.

Spencer had heard all about the actor's early morning gym busting, but thought they were just made up to boost the muscle man's appeal.

"He really rubbed off on me," The Shape of Water star told U.S. talk show host Ellen DeGeneres. "I was kinda stalking him on the Internet, and I didn't think that it was real – the waking up and working out at four o' clock… but they really do get up every morning…

"I did it once with him and then I do it on Mondays with my trainer… All joking aside, he (Wahlberg) is such a fitness guru that he actually has helped me modify what I've been doing with my trainer and I love him for that."

Octavia has been documenting her exercise efforts on social media, and credited the use of Wahlberg's Performance Inspired natural workout supplements with helping her achieve additional results.

"The changes I've made? @performinspired supplements," she tweeted last year. "Combined with balancing nutrition and the right workouts the changes are amazing."