Horoscope: March 17-23

by Heather Zais March 17th, 2019, 1:00 am



Take extra time to go over data before heading to the office this week.

Consider how far you want to commit to a deal or arrangement. Explain the details or strategy in ways that others will see the benefits of it in the end game.

Reluctant agreements can be reached. If negotiations drag on past work hours move to a restaurant or other social setting to maintain the flow.

Be assertive with some humour to ease the situation. Present facts or evidence that is fair by the full moon on Wednesday.

Some will need time to adjust to what is expected of them personally or in business.

Plan travel or check out locations when considering changes.

ARIES: Watch the wheeling and dealing to time the moment you want to jump in with your own plans.

TAURUS: Responsibilities shift and you can feel a sense of freedom as others take up the slack. Invest.

GEMINI: Others applaud the way you navigate choppy waters in personal or business. Find good spots.

CANCER: Hitch your wagon to those of power or position in order to get things done. Get a settlement.

LEO: Your intuition and instincts are sharp and give you ways to navigate circumstances to make gains.

VIRGO: Sudden or unexpected travel gets you going. This could be on behalf of others or to help them.

LIBRA: The full moon in your sign gives you the final say in important matters with extended influence.

SCORPIO: Decide if you want to continue putting money into something or take it out for other reasons.

SAGITTARIUS: Generous words or actions on your part will be helpful to those needing your influence.

CAPRICORN: Teach or show others what they need to know. This will benefit you down the road also.

AQUARIUS: You are admired by others and this can trigger benefits or other positive results from them.

PISCES: You say or do the right thing to break deadlocks or make others feel they are worth your time.