Horoscope: March 10-16

by Heather Zais March 9th, 2019, 1:00 am



Rely on your intuition when deciding on a line of approach. Some have their guard down and can be influenced to take sides. There has to be benefits for them as well.

An easy route is preferred over having to figure things out. Strong leaders get more attention as they lay out reasonable plans that those involved would be able to agree on at some point.

Avoid combative dialogue as this only works to delay the outcome. Back up determination with expertise and timing; promises must be delivered.

Consider new or fresh ideas. Words have power and can turn the tide.

Travel is fine as long as its not just as escape or running away. Stay in touch.

ARIES: You pull strings behind the scenes and this will shore up support. Take on leadership roles.

TAURUS: Those loyal to you let you know they have your back, near or far. Call in outstanding IOUs.

GEMINI: Brainstorm with powerful individuals behind the scenes. Their influence affects reputation.

CANCER: Align with those in authority as there needs to be an official approach to your situation.

LEO: You have more influence than you think. You are seen as a stable force. Very dependable.

VIRGO: Seeking a stronger base or connection could require looking at locations. Take your time.

LIBRA: Free time may be limited as important matters need your attention. Dig in to get this done.

SCORPIO: Unite with others when making power plays; there is strength in numbers. Strategize.

SAGITTARIUS: You cut through workload to get ahead. Take command over matters needing it.

CAPRICORN: A pact of loyalty with a select few benefits all of you in the long run. Discuss info.

AQUARIUS: Your charm brings added luck your way. Income increase overcomes opposition.

PISCES: Step in where your expertise is useful. Others will be happy with your quality results.