Horoscope: March 3-9

by Heather Zais March 3rd, 2019, 12:00 am



Feelings are all over the map as the week begins.

Take a break or go for a walk. Thinking time will be important to avoid jumping any guns.

Try to sense where you really fit in at work or with relationships. If this continues to be uncertain consider your options even if a move is required.

Mercury turns retrograde this Tuesday adding to the mixed messages, reversals and clumsiness.

Avoid signing anything binding for the next three weeks, unless it is already in motion; changes are likely. A good time to sell or get rid of stuff instead.

Drive carefully. Follow a solid path or rules that are understood by everyone.

Plant seeds for the future harvest.

.ARIES: An epiphany causes you to change course in pursuit of our ambitious goals. Positions altered.

TAURUS: Private meetings with important people will see plans coming together where forces unite.

GEMINI: You pull out all the stops to charm others to your way of thinking. Go over past successes.

CANCER: Get more involved with matters over distance. Plan to travel if you need to meet in person.

LEO: Others are willing to support or back you where it counts. They see you as a winning horse now.

VIRGO: Relationships take a cozy or magical turn in ways you had hoped. Make secure future plans.

LIBRA: Negotiate terms for a new start or position that would suit you better. Timing will be important.

SCORPIO: You have the Midas touch in almost any area. Do necessary research before any choices.

SAGITTARIUS: You have luck with home or property matters. Discuss pros and cons of any deals.

CAPRICORN: You teach or otherwise impart information to others. They like what you have to say.

AQUARIUS: Financial luck connects to the past or private matters. Others are available to assist.

PISCES: You attract attention from many as your magnetism is strong. The selection will be natural.