Adam Driver’s first trip to Hollywood was a money-draining nightmare

by WENN January 22nd, 2019, 12:59 pm


Adam Driver feared his Hollywood dream was over when his first trip to Tinseltown cost him his fortune in just two days.

The former military man decided to give acting a go and drove across America from his native Indiana to Los Angeles, but the trip was a disaster.

"It happened after a series of events…," the BlackKklansman star explains. "I heard so many people came with their car and had nothing and made a career. So I thought I'd do that. That didn't work out.

"My car broke down outside of Amarillo, Texas. I had to walk 10 miles to fix the car and spent all my money. It was a 1990 Lincoln Towncar. I had everything in my car, like a mini fridge.

"I finally got to Santa Monica and stayed in youth hostels. Some agency said, 'If you give us all your money we'll find you an apartment', but I had no money. Calling my parents was not an option. I had $200 left and I was in L.A. for 48 hours after spending four days driving from Indiana. I just turned right around and went back, which was really embarrassing."

Adam admits the worst thing about going home was having to face the girlfriend he broke up with before he left: "I made a whole production about leaving," he recalled during a recent SAG Conversations interview. "I had a girlfriend who I said goodbye to: 'I don't know when we'll see each other again. Our love will find a way!'"

Driver's luck changed after he landed back to back TV movies The Wonderful Maladys and You Don't Know Jack in 2010.