Kylie Jenner opts out of nanny duty

by WENN January 13th, 2019, 4:00 am


Kylie Jenner is reportedly avoiding the messy side of motherhood ” by getting her nannies to do all the dirty work.

According to Heat magazine, the make-up mogul concentrates on spending “fun time” with her daughter Stormi, who she shares with rapper Travis Scott, and leaves the gritty end of motherhood to her roster of mother’s helpers.

“Kylie has round-the-clock childcare, and she makes sure that any time she spends with Stormi is the “fun’ time,” an insider told the publication. “When Stormi cries, screams or makes a mess it’s all on the nanny.

“Kylie sleeps in and doesn’t wake up at night, so her life is pretty easy, even when Travis is on the road.”

As you might expect, the multimillionaire mogul, who is reported to be worth $900 million, leaves her minions in charge of making her daughter’s healthy meals, and her bedtime routine, when Kylie and Travis head out for date nights.

But it seems that she also bypasses one of the less enticing parts of being a mother ” nappy changing time.

“Of course, she loves Stormi, but she changes her diaper about once every two weeks,” alleged the source. “And she may love picking out clothes for her, but who do you think actually dresses her?”