Horoscope: Jan. 13-19

by Heather Zais January 13th, 2019, 6:00 am



Consider making serious commitments in personal or business relationships.

Put aside illusions you have in either category; it may be entertaining, but not practical long term.

The facts speak for themselves when trying to nail this down. Look at location choices without panicking. Things naturally evolve in the right direction.

Unlock emotional resistance to the inevitable; it can be viewed as stubbornness.

Discuss important details in person. Get smaller issues out of the way. Dig deeper into what you really mean to each other.

Calm areas of upset or insecurity in order to move forward. Impulsive words or actions bring sudden change.

ARIES: Clear up any grey areas that could affect your status or reputation before advancing agenda.

TAURUS: Take care of matters over distance in ways that don’t require you to be there in person.

GEMINI: Others are not sure of where you stand on important matters. Contact those in authority.

CANCER: You seek to increase earnings through work or other sources. Proceed independently.

LEO: Sudden decisions make you consider location changes. They should be practical and timely.

VIRGO: Spruce up environment and price out renovations or upgrades to wires and electronics.

LIBRA: Moves affect you or those you care about. Collaborate with others regarding final choices.

SCORPIO: Pull rank, speak or teach in ways that surprise others. Shake things up a little now.

SAGITTARIUS: Finances get a boost in unexpected or unusual ways. Keep some details private.

CAPRICORN: Intuition is strong and prompts you to steer your agenda in ways that others like.

AQUARIUS: Sudden attention puts a brighter spotlight on you. Make explanations entertaining.

PISCES: Praise or compensation will be in different forms than originally expected or agreed on.