Horoscope: Jan. 6-12

by Heather Zais January 6th, 2019, 6:45 am



An unexpected shift causes sparring between those with strong egos or axes to grind; they are tired of waiting. Shooting from the lip can trigger other events or reckless behaviour; watch driving. Make sure this will be worth the fall out.

Start the year on a better footing. Chain reactions could have an eight ball on the end.

Navigate circumstances with care. Reach across the aisle personally or in business; there is room for negotiation. Power plays come down to a show of strength and unity. This is not the time to be wishy washy as too much is at stake on more than one level.

Support leaders with the right expertise. Keep it real now.


ARIES: Get tests done or collect other information. This is best handled privately. Get hard copy.

TAURUS: Make sure promises are backed up or have a plan B. Work with a secured position.

GEMINI: Walk a fine line when it comes to rules or judgements of status. Others influence this.

CANCER: Pulling rank with those of equal or greater power creates an interesting dynamic now.

LEO: Neutralize competition to keep things running smoothly. Expectations don’t match actions.

VIRGO: Avoid taking a chance just to prove a point. Private arrangements will work out better.

LIBRA: Show downs over differences affect home, office or location. Make sure solutions work.

SCORPIO: Take time out to escape to neutral territory. Go deeper into important matters etc.

SAGITTARIUS: Handle finances or assets in a business like manner. Larger gains are made.

CAPRICORN: Move things around or explain where they should go. Deal with separate agenda.

AQUARIUS: Much goes on behind the scenes. Meet with those in the know or having authority.

PISCES: Private meetings with influential individuals will show who can be counted on so far.