Horoscope: Year of the Pig

by Heather Zais January 2nd, 2019, 12:00 am


2019 is ruled by the number 3 as it is the total of the numbers reduced to a single digit.

The year of the Pig/Boar will begin on Feb. 5 as their year follows a lunar calendar. Start date is different every year. It occurs at sunset following the second new moon after the winter solstice.

The Pig personality is quite chivalrous in behaviour, wearing their heart on their sleeve. They have strong feelings and passions and are all for love.

This year will be a time to restore decency, honesty and prudence. Pigs believe in the basic goodness of mankind. We will see who ends up as bacon from their trusting nature.

It will be a year to face the treatment of the innocent and restore faith on some level.

The Pig is the last sign in the Chinese Zodiac so it will be a time for endings to restart the year after. The new moon solar eclipse on Jan. 5 will see the process of some prominent individuals who will be eclipsed out of the limelight or their position one way or the other.

Some unbelievable situations or events will have some saying “when pigs fly” as they unfold. Air fares affected as well.

Some will be stunned by those coming from behind to take over or win in unexpected ways. Be ready for all things to occur.

Some will try to show good will by lavish displays or gift giving with extravagant overtures. Global business will advance affecting industry with a focus on wealth and abundance.

Those seeking the easy way can get off track lurching toward what looks like opportunity. Get all the facts before investing or signing on to anything. Swindlers abound looking for the bacon and to hog it all. There will be regrets for impulsive behaviour.

Set goals with a clear path toward them. Keep your snout to the grindstone. Seek security in the tried and true. Be happy with the basics. Wallow a little with placid relaxation such as spas, mud and beauty treatments etc.

A greater focus on diets, weight and the pork. Some may joke about putting lipstick on a pig.

There will be more interest in charity and feeding the hungry. Entertainers step up to raise awareness and to help with fundraising etc.

Marry or start a family; seek domestic bliss. Renovate or clean up the pig pen. Reconnect with others. Little pigs love to love with their innocent little hearts.

Freedom of expression will see a lot of squealing and mud slinging. There will be recordings or videos to back some of this up.

Trade will still be an issue along with the wall and inflation fears. A correction in the markets will occur. Guard hard earned income or assets; don’t be duped by those at the trough looking for easy money at the expense of others.

Pig-headed behaviour will be challenged with the removal of the ring leader or other trouble makers. Coups or overthrows will be on small or large scales.

Scandals will continue to unfold from last year and some will be in the pen.

The planet uranus will be in the fixed sign of taurus. This will bring great stress to the earth which is ruled by the sign of Taurus, so there will be a lot of shaking, rattling and rolling in known or new areas. Be prepared.

This influence will also shake up the status quo and how things are run, in government and other levels.

Curling will reach higher popularity and curls in general.

Some other No. 3s:  Kelowna, May, Nashville, England, Qatar, New York, Mafia, Mary, Jane, and swine flu.