Horoscope: 16-22

by Heather Zais December 16th, 2018, 6:00 am


The harmonious aspect between Venus and Saturn highlights the need for security and stability in tangible forms.

Some will decide to merge, marry or otherwise nest together. Cost savings will be part of the discussion as shared resources or pooled assets help.

Show how much you really care for each other; take a stand even if you are not sure for how long.

Seek a break from routine; be adventurous. Meet new people or visit different places. Romance can be dreamy or idealistic. Compare culture or belief systems. Take care of documents, etc. Consider traditions or other requirements.

Full moon in cancer will focus on family and home.

ARIES: Take time to ponder future direction or position. Consider location changes, short or long term. 

TAURUS: You open things up or expand your field of operations one way or the other. Take the steps.

GEMINI: Rules or agreements need a closer look at areas of responsibility. Consult authority figures. 

CANCER: Stay the course when pinning things down to original base line regarding expectations, etc. 

LEO: The maverick in you comes out to play. Liven things up at work or elsewhere. Enjoy attention.

VIRGO: Others have your back even if it’s partly behind the scenes. Negotiate how this will play out. 

LIBRA: Have company or visit with others. Relationships could get interesting beyond expectations. 

SCORPIO: You enter a lucky period this week. Negotiate or play to win in almost any venue or area. 

SAGITTARIUS: Your charisma attracts attention or good fortune; keep details private for awhile.

CAPRICORN: You can smile on the inside as things seem to be going the way your want. Join in. 

AQUARIUS: You have more clout than others are aware of. Measured actions bring advancement. 

PISCES: Take on a higher position or more responsibility. Pull support from unexpected corners.