Horoscope: Dec. 9-15

by Heather Zais December 9th, 2018, 12:00 am



There is a depth of intensity to where people feel they belong. Emotions affect choices as time sensitive options are up in the air.

Things need to settle down before the end of the year, so there will be a path forward. Uncertainty comes with its own set of problems.

Tuesday is favourable to advance your agenda. You should interpret the rules with heart and integrity. Those on opposite sides can ease tension by complimenting each other or agreeing to work together.

Glances shared speak louder than words. Large gatherings or special events need a hands on approach to reach anticipated levels of success.

Prepare for the unexpected anyway.

ARIES: You can pull rank as you have the track record or credentials to back it up. Support is there. 

TAURUS: Take care of matters relating to the past or distance. Use official clout if it brings resolution. 

GEMINI: You need to know who is on your side or in the game with you. Connect to the heavy hitters. 

CANCER: Clarify your duties and responsibilities as there seems to be a grey area. Check with control.

LEO: You are the star on the work front as others measure their abilities against yours. Show them.

VIRGO: Revisions or re-modelling will have a positive effect on home or living situation. Adjust to it. 

LIBRA: Retrace your steps or be willing to meet up with others soon. Discuss more on deeper levels. 

SCORPIO: Your charming words and depth of care will be rewarded in tangible ways, financially, etc. 

SAGITTARIUS: What you say carries weight in all media. This allows negotiation of terms to gain.

CAPRICORN: You enjoy being included with those on the inner circle. Perks will make it acceptable. 

AQUARIUS: You have power behind the scenes that you can showcase from a position of strength.

PISCES: You can feel secure where you stand for now. Circumstances will ease. Make adjustments.