Horoscope: Dec. 2-8

by Heather Zais December 2nd, 2018, 6:59 am



Mixed emotions cause words to be said that create some fallout, confusion or other events.

Follow through to clear up or right things as fast as possible. Those who owe apologies should give them, this will help all round.

Endings occur where certain individuals need to get out of each others way. Egos need their own territory to feel valued even if its just illusionary.

There are those who are legends in their own minds. Any substance abuse only makes it worse.

Mercury resumes forward motion Thursday with a new moon following in the sign of sagittarius; pick your targets.

Subtle or secretive action gets things moving in inspired directions..

ARIES: Avoid pressuring others to fall in line with your needs or schedule. They have their own path.

TAURUS: Add humour to a contest of wills or a challenge of who is the smartest in the room. Relax.

GEMINI: Issues of power or positions of authority result in a change of structure with you status now.

CANCER: Job or career requirements are subject to change or closure on some level. Discuss terms.

LEO: You feel lucky, but need to avoid spending before gains or in your hands or you get confirmation.

VIRGO: Settle in where you feel at home even if others think you would be somewhere else. You pick.

LIBRA: Speak on someone’s behalf or step out form the shadows to show your strength of character.

SCORPIO: Others may resent it when you tighten your grip. Shared benefits will be larger later on.

SAGITTARIUS: Speak or act in a commanding manner as you take charge over others or locations.

CAPRICORN: You are trusted by higher ups as they like the way you handle things. Forge ahead.

AQUARIUS: Your persuasive talents give you star power in the eyes of others. Curb spending now.

PISCES: Showing your inner strength or convictions surprises those who saw you as being softer.


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