Horoscope: Nov. 25-Dec. 1

by Heather Zais November 23rd, 2018, 12:00 am



Avoid showdowns or challenging authority as the week begins.

Your job or position does not look as secure as you think. Check with those who will stand by you in these matters; don’t stand on the firing line alone.

An independent attitude needs to be contained and deployed in positive ways. Follow a tried-and-true path. Agenda needs to move forward. Enthusiasm and driving force should be slowed to keep pace with this.

Information is presented or made clear, near or far with a focus on productivity.

Travel plans come together. Make steady progress alone or together.

Don’t be distracted by flirtations, promises or comments, etc.

ARIES: It’s better to discuss your demands behind closed doors to save face for you or them. Wait.

TAURUS: Touchy personal matters spill over into business areas. Do your best to rein them back in.

GEMINI: Important choices are requested or, in some cases, demanded. Seek influential support.

CANCER: Settle matters about what you will be doing and where. Prepare for the unexpected.

LEO: Create changes that make you feel more comfortable. Don’t spend too much time on this.

VIRGO: Find your comfort zone and relax there a bit. Sort out where you are headed and when.

LIBRA: Don’t engage with those who have odd energy or behaviour. You have bigger fish to fry.

SCORPIO: Pull strings to increase your influence near or far. Your finances will benefit as well.

SAGITTARIUS: Others listen and learn. You are respected for your words or actions. Meet up.

CAPRICORN: Formulate plans behind the scenes with those having the power to activate them.

AQUARIUS: You are invited to be part of the elite as your value is recognized. Accept invitations.

PISCES: Step up to the plate even if it means more responsibility for you. Others will assist you.


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