Horoscope: Nov. 11-17

by Heather Zais November 11th, 2018, 7:00 am



Put plans or power plays in motion as there is enough support to counter any opposition. Pull resources from where you can and unlock frozen assets, etc.

Those with natural leadership qualities will sway others to come on side or at least agree to work together somehow. Stubborn individuals take a wait-and-see approach.

Independent action brings new challenges, but can be exhilarating; be careful if taking any risks. Sudden travel likely.

Mars enters the sign of Pisces, making emotions more fluid.

Check for solid footing on all levels. Mercury turns retrograde causing stalls, reversals or other confusion.

Drive carefully. Observe.
ARIES: You pull rank in unexpected ways. Tap those who were with you before as they are available.

TAURUS: Put your natural, stubborn strength to good use. Seek positions or locations you like best.

GEMINI: Your independent action does have support behind the scenes even though it is not obvious.

CANCER: Issues with relationships can have an effect on status. Manoeuvre from position of strength.

LEO: You have luck in most areas. Others speak well of you and are helpful with work or home stuff.

VIRGO: Your strong words or actions can turn things around or put them on the right track. Hang in.

LIBRA: Standoffs cause relationship changes. Put that on the back burner for now. Focus on security.

SCORPIO: Step forward in a more visible way. Others want to hear what you say or where you stand.

SAGITTARIUS: Your strength of character is noticed and others are willing to join in or stand with you.

CAPRICORN: Associates feel more secure with you in charge or at least representing then some how.

AQUARIUS: You have influence over results or what will happen to others. Research or investigate.

PISCES: Check who or what you are working with before making behind-the-scenes deals. Stand up.


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