Halsey shuts down John Mayer romance rumors

by WENN November 8th, 2018, 10:59 am


Halsey has shut down rumors suggesting she is dating John Mayer. 

The Bad at Love star and the 41-year-old singer have been flirting openly on Instagram following her break-up from rapper G-Eazy for the second time in October.

Earlier this week, the 24-year-old shared a video of her and John FaceTiming on her Instagram Stories with the caption, "7am carpool karaoke with John Mayer," leading many to speculate if a romance was blossoming between them.

However, Halsey appeared to address the rumors and insist they are just friends on Twitter on Wednesday night.

"Just had a ground breaking idea. What if…we let female artists…have friends…without assuming that they are sleeping together (sic)?" she wrote. "I know I know. It's like, completely ambitious but like, imagine if we like, tried?"

On Monday, the singer posted a YSL Beauty lipstick advert on her Instagram page, and John wrote in the comments, "It's saying that my billing address doesn't match with the one of my credit card? I've never had this problem before. Can you text me? Thanks."

Halsey replied, "@johnmayer wrote u a song with the help hotline # in the chorus. Sending mp3 now."

John has commented on other photos and liked a bunch of snaps, including one of Halsey dressed as a sexy Poison Ivy for Halloween, one of her wearing a black bodysuit and another of her performing onstage.

The New Americana singer opened up about her friendship with John to Billboard in August 2017, explaining that they met in a bar and are now "platonic mates".

"If I think something is funny, I run it by him first, because he's a comedic genius," she said. "He'll tell me if it's funny, but he'll tell me if it's not. I started answering people on Twitter by their first names. Someone will be like, 'Halsey f**king sucks,' and I'll be like, 'Stacy, wow, calm down.' He loved that."