Horoscope: Nov. 4-10

by Heather Zais November 4th, 2018, 6:00 am



Expectations are high as the week begins. There will need to be some sorting as to who gets what or if anything should be returned or exchanged; that includes favours.

Moves or plans to do so create some uncertainty for those not sure of where they want to be. It will be important to consider the long-term future with location choices, avoid being pressured about this.

Intuition will help with your decisions. Kind gestures are appreciated and will guide emotions gently.

The new moon in Scorpio adds intensity on various levels. Discuss joint finances, produce receipts or other related documents. Depth of feeling unites.

ARIES: Check out associates from your past for sources of funding. They may be ready to invest now.

TAURUS: Be willing to negotiate further to calm others at this point. Make some important decisions.

GEMINI: Private information comes to the attention of those who have further questions to answer.

CANCER: You feel lucky and take chances. Don’t count on those who only give lip service to this.

LEO: Your forceful energy will have an effect on location choices for you or some of your associates.

VIRGO: You can be the star at the office or in your community. Prepare for some unexpected travel.

LIBRA: Your charming words or attractive personality will be able to sway others to your side now.

SCORPIO: Step into the spotlight. Your magnetic energy attracts good fortune, perks and jealousy.

SAGITTARIUS: Benefits come to you connected to distance. There can be a settlement. Sign off.

CAPRICORN: Those in positions of power include you as they feel you are one of them. Join in.

AQUARIUS: Your influence increases as others become more aware of you. Focus on your status.

PISCES: Dreams can come true in unusual ways. Your track record has been noticed by others.