David and Victoria Beckham’s home targeted by intruders – report

by WENN October 22nd, 2018, 12:59 pm


David and Victoria Beckham's countryside retreat was reportedly targeted by intruders last week.

Police officers are said to have been called to their property in the Cotswolds in England after the couple's 24-hour security team noticed the perpetrators on the estate's surveillance cameras. Images from the footage obtained by Britain's Mail on Sunday newspaper shows three people standing in the garden of the property, while another shows a ladder propped against a wall of the house.

The footage reportedly shows the intruders trawling the area and using the ladder to scale the side of the family home to look into the windows upstairs before fleeing the scene. They were allegedly chased away by guests from the nearby celebrity haunt Soho Farmhouse, who spotted them and ran to scare them off. One intruder wore a balaclava and hooded overalls, while another covered up with a black hat and matching scarf.

A source told the publication that the former soccer star and fashion designer are "absolutely devastated" by the news.

"They are extremely protective of their family and their home life so the thought that people would intrude on that is just so upsetting for them," the source said. "This has hit them hard. Victoria has been upset for the last couple of days about this, it has been so tough for her. It is frightening and dreadful to think someone would be intruding on their personal space."

They added that David, 43, was "absolutely furious" that he has to increase his security even more. These new security measures reportedly include guard dogs, motion sensor alarms and regular patrols of the area.

The couple, who were en route to Australia at the time of the incident, spend many weekends in the Cotswolds with their four children. They have been refurbishing the property, a $7.8 million home in Great Tew, Oxfordshire, for almost two years.

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