Horoscope: Oct. 21-27

by Heather Zais October 20th, 2018, 1:00 am



Hold on to key information or evidence until its time to make your play. Those in opposition will be set back on their heels over this. Some learn lessons from this and others don’t.

Patience pays off in the long run with the whole matter. Decisions are made and endings can open up new beginnings. Escape oppression or confinement.

Work with new or updated rules, things will fall into place. Those looking for attention will have knee jerk reactions. The full moon energy in the sign of taurus is bull headed and intense.

Relationships are affected by jealous or possessive behaviour. Hug the ones you love and make up where it will be helpful.
ARIES: Seek strong or well connected individuals to provide back-up to gain or hold onto a position.

TAURUS: The full moon in your sign gives you emotional strength to take command or pull it together.

GEMINI: Meetings can feel more like interrogations as questions become personal. Explain with care.

CANCER: Investigations provide information that is helpful to your agenda. Arrange compensation.

LEO: Your level of responsibility seems higher as more is expected of you no matter what your rank.

VIRGO: You run on reserve energy putting extra effort into everything. You feel better with results.

LIBRA: Tap into new sources of income or that which is attached to others. Benefits can be shared.

SCORPIO: What you say can shock or surprise others. Stay on message to come out ahead now.

SAGITTARIUS: Behind the scenes matters are deep or intense. Your investigative abilities stand out.

CAPRICORN: You are favoured by those who are influential or wealthy. You can use their names.

AQUARIUS: Your status or reputation rises with the support of those who count. Location affected.

PISCES: Communicate over long distance or travel if required. Strong influences alter your plans.