Kris Jenner helped to deliver granddaughter Stormi

by WENN September 22nd, 2018, 10:59 am


Reality TV matriarch Kris Jenner literally had a hand in helping her daughter Kylie deliver her baby girl Stormi.

The 62 year old reveals she was right in the middle of the action as her grandchild was born back in February, when Kylie Jenner welcomed her first kid with her rapper boyfriend Travis Scott.

Kris recalls the birthing experience in this weekend's episode of their family show Keeping Up with the Kardashians, as she sits down for a chat with her eldest daughters Kourtney and Kim Kardashian.

"It was really exciting," she beams. "I delivered the baby! I delivered her. I pulled her out."

Kris also shares how amazed she was at Kylie's calm demeanor throughout the labor and delivery process, because the pain of childbirth didn't rattle the youngster, who turned 21 last month.

"She did really, really well," Kris gushes. "She just kept saying: 'I just don't feel any pain.' You'd see these contractions like crazy and she would go, 'I just am not feeling it.' I'm like, 'This is really weird!'"

"(Kylie was) such a trooper," her proud mom adds. "She really was. She was so calm."

Kris' comments emerge four months after she heaped praise on the way Kylie has balanced motherhood with her work on her make-up and fashion projects.

"That child never stops," Kris told back in May. "She got right back in the saddle. And I love that about her. She's really so impressive. And she's such a good mom. She's so dedicated to her baby."

Kylie's hardworking nature, even as a first-time mother, reminded Kris of her younger self, as she was just 22 when she gave birth to Kourtney with her first ex-husband Robert Kardashian.

"I do see myself in Kylie," she said. "She hasn't stopped! And she does remind me of me in that way. I'm so proud of her. I just beam when I watch her."

In addition to Kylie, Kim, and Kourtney, Kris is also mom to Khloe and Rob Kardashian, and model Kendall Jenner.