Horoscope: Sept. 9-15

by Heather Zais September 8th, 2018, 1:00 am



The new moon in the sign of dutiful virgo places more focus on practicality, ethics and getting the job done in a timely, efficient manner.

Slackers will be called on the carpet given the choice to shape up or ship out while others will be transferred or fired. Consider the benefits of staying or going.

Plans come together quickly. Regroup those able to work towards the same goals. Natural leaders step up to the plate, calming any ego challenges. Just try to concentrate the centre of power and production, near or far.

Keep certain relationships confidential for now. Find secluded places to meet up or have special events.

Make sure there is suitable accommodations for all.
: Seek a position better suited to your education or abilities. A nice package should be included.

TAURUS: Taking action in a more dramatic way opens doors to your success. Contact the powerful.

GEMINI: Certain decisions regarding home or base of operations need to kept under wraps for awhile.

CANCER: You resolve to settle relationship matters of all types. Communication is key to the outcome.

LEO: You will benefit from others assets or resources as they see you as a safe bet. Arrange details.

VIRGO: Make sure there is follow through with sudden plans or schedule changes. New moon helps.

LIBRA: Private wishes unfold in expected ways. This will benefit you as well as those you care about.

SCORPIO: Get together with influential associates. They like what you say and how you present it.

SAGITTARIUS: Career or status gets a boost along with additional income and benefits. Its working.

CAPRICORN: There is strength among those loyal to each other. Help each other up the ladder now.

AQUARIUS: Changes will be to your ultimate benefit in the long run. You will gain through others.

PISCES: Clear up mixed signals that affect personal or business relationships. Reach agreements.