Ed Westwick ‘delighted’ sex assault allegations were dismissed

by WENN August 20th, 2018, 12:59 pm


Actor Ed Westwick is "delighted" to have cleared his name over multiple allegations of sexual assault.

The former Gossip Girl star hit headlines in November, when actress Kristina Cohen went public with her claims of sexual abuse in a lengthy Facebook post, accusing Westwick of forcing himself upon her after she took a nap in the guest room of his Los Angeles home back in 2014.

The 31 year old firmly denied the charges in a statement posted on social media, but two other actresses subsequently came forward with their own stories, also accusing the Brit of sexual misconduct, while another woman filed a lawsuit against him, claiming she was held hostage as his sex slave for two days in 2014.

Los Angeles Police Department detectives investigated the rape accusations, but in late July, prosecutors declined to press charges against Westwick, a decision applauded by his attorney, Blair Berk.

The actor, who kept a relatively low profile after the scandal broke, has since returned to the Hollywood nightlife scene, and he is glad to move on from the controversy.

Westwick was spotted leaving exclusive restaurant Craig's on Friday, when he was asked if he felt "vindicated" by the District Attorney's decision to drop the three cases.

"I'm delighted that everybody got it right, thank you," he told, in his first comments about the police complaints since they were rejected.

He also revealed plans to make his onscreen return, although he stopped short of sharing any specific details.

"I'll be back to work very soon," he smiled.

Westwick was previously cut from his TV role in the Agatha Christie murder mystery Ordeal By Innocence, which was yanked from the U.K.'s Christmas broadcasting schedule in November. The BBC show was reshot, with actor Christian Cooke brought in as Westwick's replacement.