Horoscope: Aug. 19-23

by Heather Zais August 19th, 2018, 7:00 am



Pick up the pace in all directions under the expansive influence of Jupiter in harmony with Neptune.

This will also favour international trade, especially oil-and-gas negotiations.

Plan a cruise or other water-related activity. Mix business with pleasure as long as you keep a clear head; flattery may be used to gain an edge or disarm. Decide who will travel if meetings are arranged.

Wednesday is a turning point; sign or move to the next stage. Avoid flirtations that could be distracting or just plain stupid. True love will grow stronger if you focus there.

Time out in an opening to something new or refreshing. Promotion or job change is good even if it will require a move or adjustment of sorts.
ARIES: You seek long-term stability in your position or status. Others admire your ability to be responsible.

TAURUS: Taking care of matters over distance can set things right or allow it to be put behind you now.

GEMINI: Matters related to property, career and finances are linked together. Follow paper trails to the end.

CANCER: Communications with older individuals or those in positions of authority can help your agenda.

LEO: Look at ways to increase present income or a new source. Others are aware of your value to them.

VIRGO: Contact out of the blue is a nice surprise. Discuss the past, people or places in common to all.

LIBRA: Your luck will be in a stable, concrete form. Wheeling and dealing has magical results. Enjoy it.

SCORPIO: Private or cozy relationships are an additional support system for most of your future agenda.

SAGITTARIUS: Your star is on the rise, so step into the limelight on some level. You are comfortable there.

CAPRICORN: Your show of strength and responsibility has a calming effect on those who are anxious.

AQUARIUS: Benefits come to you in natural ways adding an additional sense of security or recovery.

PISCES: Circumstances near or far will be more idyllic in nature. Take time out to be together or visit.