Horoscope: Aug. 12-18

by Heather Zais August 11th, 2018, 1:00 am



Mars enters the sign of Capricorn adding some mature, cautious energy in general; seek stability in areas of chaos.

Those affected need to feel they will be secure on some level. Take a hands on approach to make sure plans unfold properly.

Balance decisions so that ground gained is not lost. Check the pecking order to see who has the final word as there is some uncertainty about that. Attend gatherings or events of all types.

Mix business with pleasure where it works. Carefully arrange wording to get the correct response; it will count to those who need to be won over or brought on side.

Mercury resumes forward motion on Saturday bringing a sigh of relief. Sign or move.
ARIES: You can speculate or make grand plans that you think others would like or be willing to fund. Chat.

TAURUS: Reach an easy balance with relationships that you want to continue. Personal or business input.

GEMINI: Follow an intuitive path to a source of greater gains. This suits your mercurial nature. Negotiate.

CANCER: A soft peddled approach will enhance relationships or creative ventures. Be more romantic now.

LEO: Stand up for what you want or think is right. Make a deal if it will relieve some of the pressure off you.

VIRGO: Your gracious communications will motivate others to do what you want. Its a winning situation.

LIBRA: Negotiate for more income, perks or scheduling that would suit you better or improve conditions.

SCORPIO: Others find you fascinating and want to connect with you on a deeper level. This will work.

SAGITTARIUS: Your intuition reaches new heights and provides information that is useful. Go over it.

CAPRICORN: Others show their support or respect for you in tangible ways. You are needed be them.

AQUARIUS: Income security is attached to job, reputation or status. There is increase in other areas.

PISCES: Travel will be more enjoyable than expected as you connect with other people or locations.