Horoscope: Aug. 5-11

by Heather Zais August 4th, 2018, 1:00 am



Spread a wider net, digging deeper for the facts or proof; there is more to uncover. This will require intense focus from those not willing to give up.

Discoveries will affect events going forward and where some will end up. Relationships will be broken or enhanced, depending on the results.

Those having the urge to move or relocate should bet that organized. Lighten your load. Adjust expectations to get up to speed with the way things are and not the way you want them to be.

Spend quality time with loved ones as romantic or affectionate gestures lead to more.

The new moon solar eclipse Saturday is a turning point, incoming or outgoing. Leave difficult relationships behind.
ARIES: Apply subtle pressure to advance your agenda. Others realize you are serious about end results.

TAURUS: Hammer out agreements about who will do what. There seems to be some confusion or denial.

GEMINI: Discuss your duties or position as change is likely. Keep it real with promises. It will matter later.

CANCER: Hold the reins on finances, especially where others are involved. Match up the past and now.

LEO: You can cut to the chase in a caring way and still get your message across. Hugs will help as well.

VIRGO: Levels of care need to be sorted out for you or those you worry about. Find ways to cut the cost.

LIBRA: Influential associates will be helpful as long as they don’t have to be in the spotlight. It’s friendly.

SCORPIO: Face down what you must and hold your position. Those against you will drop away in time.

SAGITTARIUS: Attend to matters connected to distance. Avoid emotional drama, keeping it professional.

CAPRICORN: Your basic status is good even if it’s partly behind the scenes. This prevents opposition.

AQUARIUS: Keep your achievements separate from those who want to ride on your coat tails. Game on.

PISCES: Start or restart plans that will advance your position or income. Slow and steady wins the race.