Horoscope: July 29-Aug. 4

by Heather Zais July 29th, 2018, 1:00 am



Banter back and forth to cover all the topics that need review. Considering the options will slowly shake down to a workable conclusion.

Those not on board will drop away; there are different levels of commitment. Put on the charm at the office to smooth ruffled feathers as everyone needs to feel valued no matter what their status.

Some will daydream and this has a calming effect. Those with a different vision of how things should go will escalate their point of view, quit or get fired; make sure it was worth it in the long run.

Don’t bite the hand that feeds you or signs your cheque; the grass is not always greener. Seek stability in any bid for more freedom as this will matter.

ARIES: Keep your opinions to yourself until you find out where everyone else stands. Protect your status.

TAURUS: In your quest for more freedom or independence avoid being bullheaded. Work around others.

GEMINI: You do what you can to avoid commitment on more than one level. Discuss range of limitations.

CANCER: You need to know where lines are drawn in order to make your next move. Consult beforehand.

LEO: Its often said that its lonely at the top, but you can handle it. You like to rise above any restrictions.

VIRGO: Follow along with actions that bring about changes to your situation. This will ultimately be good.

LIBRA: Take care of most things in private for now. Finances or assets tied to others need some review.

SCORPIO: Decisions affecting residence come about quickly for you or those you care about. Juggle.

SAGITTARIUS: Others flatter or promote you over distance. It sounds too good to be true. Get details.

CAPRICORN: Don’t be pressured into doing things you don’t really want to, especially if you have to pay.

AQUARIUS: Take control of your environment or on behalf of others. Changes are inevitable. Ride along.

PISCES: Tug on the reins to gather more control into your hands. You know where the boundaries are.