Horoscope: July 22-28

by Heather Zais July 21st, 2018, 1:00 am



Grand plans are taken to the next stage even though mercury turns retrograde on Thursday.

Anything already in motion is safe from the effects of the usual delays or reversals that occur under this aspect.

Productive, constructive action brings results. Avoid signing anything binding for the next three weeks until this influence passes.

Repairs or replacements will be needed on various levels. Be careful in traffic. Emotions are unstable as idealistic expectations don’t meet reality.

Take off the rose-coloured glasses; get proof or facts. Control unpredictable impulses or aggressive behaviour causing blocks or confinement.

Full moon lunar eclipse is Friday. Negotiate where possible.
ARIES: Make sure you have a back-up plan if you take a chance on what others are saying to convince you.

TAURUS: The full moon affects your status or career ambitions. Location becomes a point of discussion.

GEMINI: You need to separate your responsibilities from what you do for yourself and what other expect.

CANCER: Your financial situation or security will be affected by the force or control of those pulling strings.

LEO: Let others know how you really feel and what you expect in return. Balance costs and commitments.

VIRGO: Behind the scenes talks will have some influence on matters going forward. Walk the middle road.

LIBRA: Secret communications or relationships can be fun, but don’t let it interfere with the important ones.

SCORPIO: Enjoy theatrics or role playing in a lighthearted way while protecting reputations of all involved.

SAGITTARIUS: What you say or do has influence near or far. Status rises with behind-the-scenes support.

CAPRICORN: Pay attention to subtle power plays that could look like flirtations in disguise. It’s a bit dicey.

AQUARIUS: The eclipse in your sign affects how you present yourself and how others see you in reality.

PISCES: Keep smiling while positions are changing. There is no need to present a challenge this time.