Horoscope: July 15-21

by Heather Zais July 15th, 2018, 1:00 am


Take your time to search for the right wording before you lay things on the line. There will be those who react negatively due to lack of control.

Sometimes it better to let the situation ride a little longer for changes to occur naturally. The blame game goes on from an egocentric platform as everyone is not buying it.

Step out of the limelight if you don’t want to be a target.

Tensions blow over much like the weather. Emotions swing in personal or business; find points of compromise.

Travel is a refreshing break putting you in touch with new or interesting people, etc. Attend functions that may have an unusual agenda or feature.

Seek enlightenment or an alternate point of view. Study it.
ARIES: You reminisce about the past and how you can regain some of it. See if others are still interested. 

TAURUS: Your hopes are high over joint efforts or contributions brought to the table. Look over documents.

GEMINI: Review where improvements can be made to your job status or how you feel. You have options.

CANCER: You want to try your luck or do something more interesting. Relax relationship expectations.

LEO: Shift your focus to home or family matters. Decide how you want to live and make the arrangements.

VIRGO: Pleasant social activity opens up dialogue where needed. Put in an appearance if this will help.

LIBRA: You make some headway with financial matters or agreements as you see how gains are made. 

SCORPIO: Your positive demeanour eases relations and helps lift the frowns off the faces of others.

SAGITTARIUS: You feel the power of information up your sleeve. It’s leverage for playing a winning hand. 

CAPRICORN: Others praise you to those who count. They want you to continue to be the uniting force.

AQUARIUS: Relax into your position or responsibilities. There is a natural flow as certain things unfold.

PISCES: A deeper connection to those of like mind could see plans to meet. Some may need to travel.