Horoscope: July 1-7

by Heather Zais July 1st, 2018, 1:00 am



Certain wants and needs jockey for support on various levels. Each person has ideas of what is a priority.

Practical solutions followed by actions will bring this into some sort of order. Grumbling will still go on behind the scenes, but at least things can move forward.

Use what works and check out the rest; make exchanges where possible.

Power plays are subtle in the beginning, but become more obvious as tensions build between those wanting more control or a bigger piece of the pie.

Try to include humour into any verbal sparring, near or far. Plan to get together in a social setting to conduct personal or business matters.

Results can be win win for all there.
ARIES: Don’t argue with others as they are actually on your side no matter how it may look right now. Give.

TAURUS: Try to balance home and work responsibilities in a way that relationships are not affected too much.

GEMINI: Talks over distance could become heated when demands are not handled properly. Status affected.

CANCER: Settle financial matters connected to others. There are fine points to sift through before it is resolved.

LEO: Avoid face-to-face confrontation. This can be handled another way. Take time out to travel near or far.

VIRGO: Abide by certain rules or procedures even if they seem tedious. Delays work in your favour. Relax.

LIBRA: Chill out a bit. You need to manoeuvre in a more select way as you climb toward your goals.

SCORPIO: You may have to step in to bring others together. Your strong personality is a beacon to them.

SAGITTARIUS: You have control behind the scenes. Make decisions regarding joint financials or assets.

CAPRICORN: You can be the one influencing how things are shared or dealt out. Use rules or formality.

AQUARIUS: See where there is common ground before taking steps for greater control. It affects status.

PISCES: Remove yourself from any situation of conflict. Others need to sort out their own issues for now.


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