Horoscope: June 10-16

by Heather Zais June 9th, 2018, 1:00 am



A note of caution for those stewing about things; try to get more information before reacting.

There is usually more to the story. Be the peacemaker at the office on Monday; a little charm goes a long way. Harness your frustrations into positive action and problems dissipate naturally.

Pull data together to launch or re-start mid-week by the full moon. Innovative solutions have a calming effect on doubters as they can see the path forward.

Flirtations need to be put on the back burner. Organize idle hands to do something constructive; prioritize by order of need.

Take a break. Travel, but avoid displays of temper on the highway. Wave, making the single digit an all-finger bouquet.
ARIES: You can shift gears and cut to the chase even if you have to ride the white water down to get there.

TAURUS: Put on your happy face when dealing with others issues or taking responsibility on their behalf.

GEMINI: Secrets come out or information needs to be verified before relationships reach a certain point.

CANCER: Reach out to those in the know or who can pave the way for you. Look at how to advance now.

LEO: Roll with changing conditions or circumstances when it comes to your status. You are impressive.

VIRGO: Private hopes and wishes are shaping up in ways you planned. Others intervene on your behalf.

LIBRA: Collect on past favours or perks; you don’t have to be so polite. You have earned this in the past.

SCORPIO: Check with long-term associates to see who is still on side with you. Gather personal support.

SAGITTARIUS: Arrange to start or re-start matters from the sidelines. A new approach is worth the effort.

CAPRICORN: A focus on work or clean up has good results going forward. Hang in beyond call of duty.

AQUARIUS: Be a guest or have company. Keep things light hearted. Entertainment could be unusual.

PISCES: Cover as many bases as you can this week while keeping your hands on the reins. It works.


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