Horoscope: May 20-26

by Heather Zais May 19th, 2018, 1:00 am



Mixed emotions cause some to sit back and think about continuing a relationship or ending it.

Make sure it’s not just a co-dependent situation as that is not beneficial to anyone. If a relationship is too much work, then you don’t belong together; the right one is out there.

Focus on career to buy some time; a different perspective will emerge. Handle papers or documents by Tuesday when feelings are more in tune.

The planet Uranus is now in the sign of Taurus, bringing change on a global scale for the next seven years.

A focus on the Earth, tradition and financial markets. Earth changes and disruptions. Go back to the land, farm, ranch or be self-sufficient. New discoveries.
ARIES: You push to get ahead or climb the ladder. Location will become more important. Choose one.

TAURUS: Consider alternate sources of income or making changes to current one. Stick to the basics.

GEMINI: Alter the way you handle personal matters and those related to others. Settle any outstanding issues.

CANCER: You put a plan in motion to increase control over your situation. Talk to those in charge now.

LEO: Others are a resource of information and may have tips for you that you can use. Follow up on it.

VIRGO: You can wing and land up in a better position than you first thought. This is personal or other.

LIBRA: The extra planning and effort you put in will make others look good as well. Stay on course.

SCORPIO: It’s fine to take more time with wheeling and dealing if it advances your agenda. Open up.

SAGITTARIUS: Your words are clear and precise as you are put in a position of authority or control.

CAPRICORN: You receive praise or support from those who are observing how you handle things.

AQUARIUS: A new sense of freedom allows more independent movement in areas that require it.

PISCES: Your hopes, wishes or speculation are far reaching and will grow legs with some extra time.


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