Bella Hadid swears she’s no longer a ‘party girl’

by WENN May 15th, 2018, 4:00 am


Bella Hadid is adamant that she’s no longer a “party girl”.

The model has risen to fame since launching her fashion career in 2014, landing campaigns for many major brands, including Bulgari, DKNY and Dior Beauty.

Though Bella’s job requires her to attend various events, she has now sworn that she is, in fact, a total homebody.

“People think I’m such a party girl, but that’s a thing of the past. I can’t wait to just sit on the couch this weekend!” she told her sister Gigi Hadid in an interview for U.S. Harper’s Bazaar magazine. “Now that our careers have gotten to the heights that they have and our job is to be around people all day and go to parties, the last thing I want to do on a Saturday night is go out. I just want to be around people who love me.”

Bella has made appearances at a string of parties held as part of the Cannes Film Festival over the last week  and was even spotted cosying up to her ex-boyfriend The Weeknd at one bash.

While she loves to get dressed up for red carpet engagements, the brunette beauty did admit that she would rather be playing video games, watching movies, painting pottery or meditating most of the time.

“Before bed, I love listening to meditation music. It helps me zone out and fall asleep. And in the morning, I make it a point to keep my phone away from me for 30 minutes so my brain can start functioning before I get completely overwhelmed by the media. Sometimes I just want to be me for 30 minutes, not ‘Bella,'” the 21-year-old sighed.

During the interview, Bella also spoke candidly about how she has developed a persona to help separate work from her real life.

And while she has been criticised for using the “same facial expressions” when in public, Bella insists she’s a very happy person.

“I never go a day without smiling,” she laughed. “People always say I have the same facial expressions. But what they don’t realise is that for a long time I looked that way because photographers on set would direct me to look ‘bored’ or ‘very nonchalant.’ But it isn’t necessarily the way I really am.”

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