Amy Schumer: ‘My marriage wasn’t as impulsive as it seems’

by WENN April 22nd, 2018, 10:59 am


Actress Amy Schumer is adamant her surprise wedding in February (18) wasn't an "impulsive" affair, even though she has only known her now-husband for a year.

The Trainwreck star was first spotted out with chef Chris Fischer while on a dinner date in New York City in November (17), and just after Valentine's Day (14Feb18), she stunned fans by revealing they had tied the knot.

Despite appearing to have embarked on a romance with Chris and become his wife within the space of three months, Amy insists their relationship didn't move that quickly – as they had managed to keep their romance under the radar for some time before it made headlines.

"I'm not a like, a fool, I'm not impulsive like that," Amy explained on talk show The View, which aired on Friday (20Apr18). "We've known each other for about a year now, and we've been living together already for six months, so it's not a long courtship, but it's not like, we had a great weekend in (Las) Vegas and threw in the towel (had an impromptu wedding)."

Married life appears to be suiting Amy well so far, but she still has no plans to change her last name to reflect her new relationship status, instead choosing to buck tradition to remain a Schumer.

"I think times are changing," Amy mused. "I would feel really strange taking my husband's name…"

However, one thing she has decided on is starting a family with Chris – if things work in their favor.

"I hope so, maybe," the 36-year-old replied, when asked if she wants to become a mother. "If I'm lucky."

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