Taylor Swift sealed Spotify return with visit to Sweden

by WENN April 4th, 2018, 12:59 pm


Taylor Swift finally agreed to reverse her Spotify ban after paying a personal visit to the streaming service's headquarters in Sweden.

The Shake It Off hitmaker famously fell out with company bosses over royalty payments in 2014, causing her to remove her entire catalogue from the music service.

She also won a battle with officials at technology giant Apple in 2015, when she demanded they pay artists for music its users streamed during free trial periods.

However, Taylor's absence from streaming services came to an end last June when she made her tracks available online again to celebrate her album 1989 selling 10 million units worldwide.

Spotify co-founder and CEO Daniel Ek has now opened up about the drama, admitting he is to blame for failing to resolve the problem before she pulled the plug on streaming four years ago.

"I should've done a much better job communicating this, so I take full ownership for that," he told CBS This Morning.

They were finally able to renew their professional partnership with Swift after Ek made multiple visits to her representatives in Nashville, Tennessee and demonstrated just how important the streaming market had become for artists' careers.

"I went to Nashville many, many times to talk to (Swift's) team, spent more time explaining the model, why streaming mattered," he shared. "And the great news is, I think she saw how streaming was growing."

Demand from her followers also made Swift think twice about using the music platforms again, and it took a research trip to Sweden's capital to seal the deal ahead of the recent release of her album, Reputation.

"I think she saw the fans were asking for it," Ek continued. "So eventually when the new album came out, she came to Stockholm and spent some time there, figuring out a way (to return to the service) that made sense for her."

The career move quickly paid off – Taylor's comeback single, Look What You Made Me Do, smashed Spotify's first-day streaming records upon its release in August. It racked up a milestone eight million same-day streams following its debut, more than any other track in Spotify's history.