Horoscope: April 1-7

by Heather Zais March 30th, 2018, 1:00 am


Put some shine on plans or presentations as long as it’s kept in realistic boundaries.

Many are counting on the end results. Some banter may be just ego games, this will pass. An increased agenda is ambitious regarding what is expected and the responsibilities attached; be willing to take them on.

Concentrated determination moves things along so be organized. Certain matters reach conclusion. Focus on security now or later.

Take control. Avoid mishaps or accidents midweek. Calm emotions and take extra time if needed. Faith will lift your spirits. Facing reality allows choices to be made even if it’s not what you wanted.

Get together socially to ease uncertainty. Unite in trust.

ARIES: Use your leadership talents to be the speaker or presenter. You can bring objectors on side now.

TAURUS: Discuss most matters in private or secluded settings. There are special arrangements to make.

GEMINI: Get down to basics when it comes to joint finances or assets. Others will need to get involved.

CANCER: Pull rank or demonstrate your special skills as there is a need to impress others to get support.

LEO: Carve out some time for yourself. You may have to shift schedules or duties to those more pressing.

VIRGO: Be patient with those who have some influence or control in your situation. It’s partly a time thing.

LIBRA: Issues around home or circumstances are at a point of choice affecting you or others. Evaluate.

SCORPIO: Clarify any misunderstandings so others see where you really stand or are willing to connect.

SAGITTARIUS: Steady effort will pay off in the long run. Work along a tried and true path toward gains.

CAPRICORN: Organization is the key to getting things done or to the next stage. Others are with you.

AQUARIUS: Pull strings behind the scenes; this allows you to gain an advantage where needed.

PISCES: Wheel and deal with those in the position to get what you want or add some more leverage.


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