Horoscope: March 25-31

by Heather Zais March 25th, 2018, 7:00 am


Discount expectations until you see which way things are headed; some have a different view of how that should pan out.

Changes are in the wind, so follow along as it unfolds; the right direction will become obvious. Use charm or flattery in discussions.

Personal relationships reach deeper levels of commitment. Take time out to be together as decisions are needed to stay or go.

Job could be a key factor when making choices. Some are content where they are while others want more; be yourself. Moves may be necessary. Resolve to make the best of it in any case.

The full moon is Saturday, highlighting aggressive action against the need for balance.

Pause to think.

ARIES: Make it clear to others about the position you want or hope you deserve. Stand your ground on it.

TAURUS: A lot goes on behind the scenes and could also involve matters over distance. Handle details.

GEMINI: Getting others to agree to what you want could be a slippery slope. Confirm backing from them.

CANCER: Career or status will be affected to some degree by personal relationships. Weigh the odds.

LEO: Emotional choices affect work or where you want to be. View alternate locations in person now.

VIRGO: Work with those in control of funding or supplies. You all have different ideas on some values.

LIBRA: A showdown will cause some to choose who they want to be with or where, personal or work.

SCORPIO: Points of disagreement or opposition need to be settled privately before making it public.

SAGITTARIUS: Silence is golden when discussing financial matters or investments. Intuition guides.

CAPRICORN: Your take-charge attitude showcases your natural leadership skills. Use precise action.

AQUARIUS: Take time with serious matters in a controlled way for best results. Explain very carefully.

PISCES: A game of bluff works in your favour as your natural charm does the rest of the work for you.