Ed Sheeran & Kendall Jenner slammed for Chris Brown video

by WENN March 17th, 2018, 4:00 am


Ed Sheeran and Kendall Jenner have been blasted by fans for appearing in a new music video with convicted girlfriend beater Chris Brown.

The three stars show up in a promo for rapper Lil Dicky’s new single Freaky Friday, and critics aren’t happy to see Brown, due to his 2009 assault conviction for beating up then-girlfriend Rihanna.

After model Kendall shared the video on Twitter on Thursday in a tweet with several clapping hands emojis attached, fans took to the micro-blogging site in droves to slam her decision to join the Look at Me Now singer for the video.

“Girl please don’t support an abuser,” one user commented, while another questioned, “How is anyone still working with Chris Brown?!?!? Wtfff”.

Sheeran wasn’t spared criticism either, with one fan slamming his involvement as disappointing.

“So disappointed in @lildickytweets and @edsheeran for working with @chrisbrown guess I know who I’ll be removing from my music collection,” the user wrote.

Brown’s domestic violence history with Rihanna has grabbed major headlines twice in recent days.

Last weekend bosses at Snapchat ran a very inappropriate ad referring to the abuse incident between the former couple, with the advertisement for a Would You Rather? phone game, which asked users if they would “rather slap Rihanna or punch Chris Brown”. Bosses have since apologized, and Rihanna took to Instagram on Thursday to slam the company for publishing the ill-advised ad – a move that resulted in Snapchat’s stock value dropping by $800 million.

Singer Vanessa Carlton also lashed out at Chris when he gave her song A Thousand Miles a shout-out on International Women’s Day, insisting the gesture was inappropriate due to his background as a girlfriend beater.

“Today Chris Brown posted my video,” she wrote in a social media statement. “I am now being repeatedly tagged to his account. Being that today is International Women’s Day I feel compelled to draw a line. I support survivors, not perpetrators of domestic violence. I do not want to be associated with an artist that has assaulted women on a day like today.”

Brown responded by insisting he was just trying to give a good song and a great artist the credit they’re due.