Horoscope: March 18-24

by Heather Zais March 16th, 2018, 1:00 am


Creative thinking adds to the practical aspects of business or projects. This is helpful in reaching any agreements on how things should move forward.

Cost-cutting measures would also be helpful in calming financial concerns. Re-use instead of wasting what is already on hand.

Friendly conversation paves over more difficult areas and neutralizes objections. Make sure all rules or safety precautions are followed.

Mercury goes retrograde Thursday, turning the tide or causing stalls or reversals for the next three weeks. Avoid signing anything binding unless already in motion.

Communicate clearly and check wording in all areas. Drive carefully. Get repairs done or sell.

ARIES: You have strong allure and attract attention on more than one level. Spend quality time together.

TAURUS: A lot goes on behind the scenes and there could be power plays to deal with. Ease into it now.

GEMINI: Compare notes on how you can help each other get what you want. Talk about it privately.

CANCER: Calm the waters with those who are jealous or want you to do other things. Stay the course.

LEO: A private get away can be very enjoyable and improve relationships near or far. Check schedules.

VIRGO: Look at the past for ways to gain or recoup where you feel the need. Others are connected.

LIBRA: Banter back and forth brings up discussions about who should be where. Pick a good location.

SCORPIO: Others see your intensity as a form of strength. This can unify those with mixed agendas.

SAGITTARIUS: You can take a chance or gamble in familiar ways. Don’t be pressured against wishes.

CAPRICORN: Keep your own counsel and confirm your security or position. Avoid any open conflict.

AQUARIUS: You can charm the birds out of the trees with your words or actions. You hold the reins.

PISCES: You can navigate around people or obstacles to get what you want. Take the time you need.


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