Horoscope: March 11-17

by Heather Zais March 10th, 2018, 12:00 am


Those who dug in their heels have had time to think things over and look at where there is common ground.

This is necessary to keep everything moving in a positive direction. They realize that stubborn behaviour is petty and can be isolating for them or others.

New information tips the scales one way or the other. Respect of proper order showcases individuals who suit the role; listen to them.

Trim costly overruns where possible. Travel brings key players together, coming or going. Intuitive thoughts are a form of inspiration to those needing it.

Brainstorm with the decision makers. Consider all the angles and how progress will be possible under the Pisces new moon.

ARIES: Pull rank from behind the scenes and it will have an effect on how events will unfold will all involved.

TAURUS: Connect with powerful or influential individuals. You will find the common ground between you.

GEMINI: Close relationships, personal or business will have an effect on your job, status or reputation now.

CANCER: Plans to travel or have company gives positive hope to negotiations. Work around restrictions.

LEO: You have added luck with joint finances or assets, some related to property or base of operations.

VIRGO: Rely on those who demonstrate how much they care for you. Cut them some stack on decisions.

LIBRA: Relationships reach a point where choices need to be made regarding who stays and who goes.

SCORPIO: Stand your ground even if you would rather be somewhere else. Manoeuvre carefully.

SAGITTARIUS: Take a leap of faith and it will pay off one way or the other. The new moon lights up home. 

CAPRICORN: Mix practicality with intuition to bring doubters on side. They see your wisdom and ability.

AQUARIUS: Navigate around blocks or situations to come out ahead of the game. You are the winner.

PISCES: The new moon in your sign attracts more attention or affection. Make the most of it to gain.


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