Mixed emotions over expectations affect relationships; reality does not match imagination here.

Step back and seek clarity to handle any regrets. Control jealousy as it’s not pretty.

Intuition helps interpret what is really going on. Rise above circumstances and take a more philosophical approach.

Discuss true feelings or desires you have for each other. Watch driving and don’t argue in the vehicle. Practical action will calm situations.

The full moon causes some to be pickier about who cares the most.

Plan a little get away, together or apart. Some seek more excitement or change. Time out is good if you need to think things over or change your line of approach.

ARIES: Pull in support from behind the scenes. Don’t put others on the spot if you want to have your way.

TAURUS: Work within the rules, laws or boundaries. Your inner determination pushes agenda ahead now.

GEMINI: Others look to you for leadership even though you make changes midstream. Trust your instincts.

CANCER: A lot of communication and planning goes on over distance. Apply pressure to meet deadlines.

LEO: Part of your finances or assets are tied to others. Seek a release from some control to free this up.

VIRGO: Your emotional intensity has an effect on the direction things will take. Get others on your side.

LIBRA: Others feel what you want and respond in unexpected ways. Explain intentions or compromise.

SCORPIO: You free wheel your way along while dodging obstacles or blocks. You’re in the drivers seat.

SAGITTARIUS: You feel strong and have the backing of those in positions of power or authority. Compare.

CAPRICORN: Take on a teaching role of sorts. Others know you have the expertise that is required now.

AQUARIUS: You can wheel and deal to advantage personally or financially. Climb the ladder of success.

PISCES: Your natural sense of drama puts you in the spotlight. This affects how relationship will play out.