Horoscope: Feb. 18-24

by Heather Zais February 18th, 2018, 6:00 am


Recover where you can. This extends to relationship matters. Apologize for bad behaviour and make it right.

There are issues of control or responsibility. Stand up for what you believe is right without pushing it on others.

Mutual respect can make any situation workable. Some are just looking for more personal freedom and that is fine. Keep radical thoughts to yourself for now.

Romantic expectations create an interesting energy exchange. Discuss how you really feel about each other.

Practical plans co-ordinate diverse lifestyles. Be realistic about changes you are willing to make for unity.

Pause. Allow scattered forces to find a solid footing to avoid showdowns or cancellations.

ARIES: Changes of venue are by choice or not depending on circumstances and who has the upper hand.

TAURUS: Those who have feelings for you can be helpful in other areas or business. Have discussions.

GEMINI: Soft peddle your words to sway others to your way of thinking. Be prepared to back it up later.

CANCER: Cozy conversations relate to matters over distance or plans affecting work or travel. Schedule.

LEO: Make sure others are aware of your value and what you do beyond the call of duty. It will work out.

VIRGO: Make deals with those having the power to do what you want or to provide for your added needs.

LIBRA: Be the peacemaker when trying to gain additional control in any situation. Bide your time on this.

SCORPIO: Personal relationships need some extra care or attention. Take time out for private moments.

SAGITTARIUS: Negotiate terms to secure your base of operations or where you want to be. Shake on it.

CAPRICORN: Use the iron-fist-in-the-velvet-glove approach so others fall into line in a more natural way.

AQUARIUS: Financial benefits come from unlikely or unexpected sources. Follow protocol with papers.

PISCES: You attract attention or praise that will enhance your status or position. Accept gifts or perks.