Horoscope: Feb. 11-17

by Heather Zais February 11th, 2018, 6:00 am


Take time to weigh your options against any restrictions that have an influence over them.

Consult with others if this will help. Put together a list of requirements for presentation or to back up what is needed. Dig deep or research to get to the facts.

Mixed energies in the situation can feel like a competition of sorts; keep the peace. Some positions may change along with the furniture. Implement new rules, ideas or inventions.

The solar eclipse (Feb. 15) is a turning point as well as a catalyst to work outside the box. Concerns need attention. Band together with those you trust to provide a united front. Guard secrets to keep the edge in negotiations. Moods fluctuate as information is released.

ARIES: Follow rules or protocol even if it seems outdated. You will arrive at the same results anyway.

TAURUS: Separate from people or situations that impede your path. It becomes a process of steps.

GEMINI: The reins are pulled by those with the power to do it. Work with them to secure a position.

CANCER: Decisions need to be made regarding what you will be doing and where. You have choice.

LEO: Relationships need to be defined on a more even basis. Neutralize pressure any way you can.

VIRGO: You seek change with the level of action needed now. Assess everyone’s capabilities on this.

LIBRA: Surprise contact can link you with the past in some way. Measure your words or questions.

SCORPIO: Decide on moves or renovations for yourself or others. Certain situations need attention.

SAGITTARIUS: Be firm in a take-charge position. You are seen as the one in control of situations.

CAPRICORN: Jump at opportunities even if they are short term. You have what it takes to do this.

AQUARIUS: Others see your inner strength and ability to persevere. You can please all the players.

PISCES: Hammer out important details behind the scenes before making them public. It’s approved.