Willem Dafoe likes to visits launderettes on location

by WENN February 10th, 2018, 9:29 am


Spider-Man star Willem Dafoe is obsessed with laundry when he's on location shooting a movie.

Rather than hand over his worn shirts, pants and underwear to hotel staff to clean, the movie star seeks out the local launderette and washes his own loads.

"It's one of my great pleasures," he tells The Hollywood Reporter. "I love it so much, I have to resist the urge to do a lot of hand washing when I'm in hotels.

"Sometimes, when I'm in a strange city, I go to laundromats. I did that in France recently. I was shooting a movie there and it was a beautiful experience. For some reason, people are really nice to me in laundromats and I have these great encounters."

Oscar nominee Dafoe, who will be awarded the honorary Golden Bear for lifetime achievement at the Berlin International Film Festival in Germany later this month, insists he's really a down to earth guy, who never even dreamed of becoming a movie star.

The Platoon star adds, "I never thought acting could be a profession. I didn't know anybody that made their living in the entertainment industry. It was just something I liked to do, something I had fun with, a social thing.

"I thought maybe I'd end up joining the Merchant Marines or the Army."

But he has become very successful as an actor, landing iconic roles in acclaimed movies – and there's many more he turned down.

"Oh, I turn down things," he smiles. "I won't say which ones, because that's not nice to the people I've turned down."

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