Horoscope: Jan. 28-Feb. 3

by Heather Zais January 28th, 2018, 6:00 am


Calls or messages cause regrouping or changes of course; handle sudden situations. There won’t be the usual time to pull it all together, so do your best.

Those involved realize where things are headed. Some put up emotional guards over the uncertainty.

The full moon eclipse is a trigger to turn the tide midweek. Dig deeper into any grey areas to shore up your position, as this will be important; have the facts or evidence in hand. Those who spin are ignored.

There is a need for solid footing on all levels. Suppress jealousy by letting others show their true colours.

Explain or point out responsibilities or expectations. Choose those who are loyal to you now or in the past.

ARIES: Influential associates pull strings for you behind the scenes. They support your agenda or sign on.

TAURUS: Your position is shored up or further secured. Forge ahead on a tried-and-true path or agenda.

GEMINI: You benefit from connection to others’ finances or assets. Certain arrangements undergo change.

CANCER: Your focus on income involves negotiations with those of influence. Discuss the compensation.

LEO: Investigate information before reacting to it. You can come out ahead of the game if you are patient.

VIRGO: Take more control of your environment or situation. Streamline ambitious goals to match actions.

LIBRA: Consider moves, personal or business. The pieces will fall into place if you stick to the plan now.

SCORPIO: Have meetings with those who support your agenda. You can pull separate factions into one.

SAGITTARIUS: Your financial situation improves by being proactive. Combine your efforts with others.

CAPRICORN: Your sense of duty shines through and adds to the general level of security for everyone.

AQUARIUS: You can feel more confident in your direction as obstacles are cleared giving you control.

PISCES: Your ability to put a plan together is almost magical. You have unusual instincts and ideas.