Horoscope: Dec. 31-Jan. 6

by Heather Zais December 31st, 2017, 6:00 am


The full moon on Monday adds emotion to words or statements. Check the facts to back this up in order to save face.

Domestic issues are in focus. Don’t get drawn into others drama; take the high road. Meetings can turn into inspirational rallies by those promoting a strong agenda. A show of hands will indicate who is on board.

Let things play out in a natural way. There is a generous mood in the air with benefits for many. It’s OK to share by paying it forward. Sudden travel is a freeing experience, especially if some expenses are covered. Forge ahead to get completion targets fulfilled. Take time to relax and enjoy New Year’s celebrations with others.

ARIES: You are a maverick and can fly under the radar when you choose. This helps your top agenda.

TAURUS: Dodge confrontation by handling matters through channels of protocol. Delegate to others.

GEMINI: Pull the plug and take a different route to achieve your ends. Consult behind closed doors now.

CANCER: The full moon makes you more intense with relationship matters. Information gives leverage.

LEO: Showcase your talents or ethics to those who will appreciate them. You climb the ladder easily.

VIRGO: You are lucky this week and things come to you without the usual effort. Revamp your efforts.

LIBRA: Making gains financially will be successful. This extends to having good terms for purchases.

SCORPIO: You step forward and take charge like the natural leader that you are. Dress to fit the role.

SAGITTARIUS: What you say or do has some influence over how matters get handled. Take the reins.

CAPRICORN: Others flatter you or show affection. Secret wishes can come true in unexpected ways.

AQUARIUS: Your status or reputation is on the rise. You are seen as an authority in your chosen field.

PISCES: Others pick up the tab as they appreciate what you bring to the table in other ways. Smile.


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