Horoscope: Dec 24-30

by Heather Zais December 21st, 2017, 7:00 am


it’s time for feet on the ground. Make solid plans that will move ahead in the new year.

Many are looking forward to more security or stability. Relationships reach the commitment stage in personal or business areas; work around the details and responsibilities with those involved.

There will be decisions about locations or base of operations that need to be made; buy some time with that.

Choices made under pressure will be changed or cancelled down the road. Attend special gathering or events. Enjoy the holiday where possible.

Displays will be spectacular and inspirational lifting spirits. Connect over the miles if you are apart. Discuss hopes and wishes.

ARIES: An opening in negotiations puts a positive spin on your plans. Prepare papers or documents.

TAURUS: You can feel renewed in the company of individuals where there is mutual respect or trust.

GEMINI: Its time to plan ahead regarding positions or status. A shift in the pecking order is necessary.

CANCER: Discussions involve travel plans of yourself or others. Decide how this will pay and where.

LEO: Benefits or advantages come your way through private arrangements. You smile on the inside.

VIRGO: Use practical persuasion to get the results you seek from any agreement. State your claims.

LIBRA: Your words or efforts to unite will work in personal or work areas. Smooth things over easily.

SCORPIO: Speculations or chances you take will pay off in ways you had hoped. Barriers removed.

SAGITTARIUS: Take care of matters behind the scenes covertly using your honour and expertise.

CAPRICORN: You look and feel better as others compliment or flatter you. Benefits can be shared.

AQUARIUS: Take the reins of responsibility so others will relax and feel secure. Its enhances status.

PISCES: Your influence covers a lot of ground near or far. Handle matters through alternate channels.


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