Blake Shelton livid over links to President Donald Trump’s right-hand man

by WENN December 2nd, 2017, 10:59 am


Blake Shelton is fuming after Twitter followers turned on him following a brief meeting with politician Paul Ryan at his restaurant in Oklahoma.

The country singer and his girlfriend Gwen Stefani popped in to dine at Blake's Ole Red in Tishomingo recently and were introduced to the Speaker of the House, one of President Donald Trump's top aides.

Shelton insists he and Gwen spent just a few minutes with Ryan and he's upset that the meeting has been turned into something it wasn't.

The angry singer took to Twitter on Thursday to call out those who are picking on him and Gwen for appearing to be close to Ryan.

"I can't even fathom the gossip I read about myself anymore," he tweeted. "Seriously… Literally walked into a restaurant WITH MY FAMILY (including children, LOTS of children), bumped (in)to a politician that I've never even met before, said hello and took pictures (like I would try to do with anyone I meet who asks).

"Then we immediately left because it was too cold for the outdoor area we had reserved. And now according to the internet we were hanging out or having some big secret meeting in a PUBLIC restaurant!!!!!! WTF?!!!"

Blake went on to reveal he stays out of politics and there was no big story behind his meeting with Ryan, adding, "I don't do politics no matter WHAT you've read about me and how it's been spun. And THATS (sic) the TRUTH from ME. And if you can find it in your heart to hate me for that then so be it. This is out of control…"

He signed off by warning fans not to be duped by Twitter imposters, stating, "Oh! And one more thing… There is a S**TLOAD of fake accounts out there claiming to be me. Be careful… Actually why the hell are we even on here anymore? Let's go live our lives!!!"

Ryan is not exactly the most popular politician in America at the moment – he's trying to push through a controversial tax bill critics claim will raise taxes on the poor and middle class.

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